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CF_electronicsChoice Financing brings the online electronic world of games, gizmos and gadgets to you today! To compete, to stay tuned and to stay up to date we all need to be online. Work emails, children texts, school updates all are sent to you online. We manage our time, workload and home schedules online. Our children play and study online. TV and movies continue to migrate online.  Choicefinancing.com allows you the freedom to purchase or upgrade your digital items today.

We offer you the freedom to choose the electronic product you want to own—any item, any manufacturer. We fund purchases of laptops, desktops, mobile phones, video gaming systems (Xbox, Playstation, etc.) and games.  iPads, iPods, Iphones……all you have to say is I WANT!  Simply let us know what you are looking for and we will find it.

Electronic items are the #1 requested gift items by most children and adults today. The Holidays, birthdays and graduations are filled with multiple requests for these items as gifts. We all know the issue is that these items are not cheap. Multiple purchases can add up quickly—financing a combination purchase is not an issue at Choice! Get what you want, when you want it at www.choicefinancing.com

Choice Financing offers you a simple way to buy these items today. Simply fill out the simple, one-step application on the right. The information you provide is 100% secure and confidential.  Once you hit the SUBMIT button, your information will be reviewed and, if approved, you will be notified, via phone or email, within a very short time.  Choice offers a variety of finance plans that give you the flexibility to make your payment fit your budget.

Our goal is to get you what you want, when you want it as a price you can afford.  The modern world exists online. Give Choice Financing a chance to assist with your electronics purchase today! www.choicefinancing.com

Note: The Holiday season requires longer lead times for delivery! Do not wait until the last minute. Many products sell out in advance of December.